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Locally produced in Craig(Steamboat Springs); Pine survey stakes, garden stakes, and straw waddle stakes are available at any size from 3/8"-2" and any *grade up to 8' lengths.  Round 2.75" posts are available as well.  Large quantities available , text:
with the desired quantity and dimensions for a lead time. (THICKNESSxWIDTHxLENGTH)
*A-Grade: Machined 4 sides
*B-Grade: Rough sawn edges, Machined faces
*C-Grade: Mostly rough sawn 4 sides

Machined survey stakes? With smooth faces, you can clearly write, offsets, elevations or any construction information without fouling your marker tip on rough sawn, splintery faces.  Mountain Pine manufacturing has machinery to meet any survey stake specification and desired quality. Survey Stakes from Home Depot, Lowes or Ace Hardware are rough and cost up to 4x as much.

Free delivery for orders of $200 - $999 within the 10 mile radius of Steamboat Springs, Craig, Hayden, or Milner. Freight may be applicable on orders $1000 or more.


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